Reply To: May 3, 2012 – Queensrÿche’s “Promised Land” and GnR 4-pack

    However, I can send you a MIDI with the ending clipped, you can replace your own in LeFluffie. I don’t want to release a different versions because I don’t want to fragment downloads.

    Well, I suppose I could always extract the MIDI myself if I were so motivated. After all, it would still be up to *me* to keep it in sync with any fixes you made in the future! <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_wink.gif” /> I go back and forth on it anyway: you can opt for the authentic album experience, or you can try to embrace the “rock concert” milieu and adapt it to how the band would do it live…


    Actually, there are a few official DLC tracks that I’d be interested in buying if only they would have used a radio edit. Sometimes we just want to get in and out of a pop hit, savor the hooks and belt out the chorus! “Weird Science” comes to mind — totally wears out its welcome…


    Perhaps I’ll corner @espher sometime about how to make RBHP-style updates to that end. For instance, how did Lego RB do their short versions?

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