Reply To: Secondary Authors


    You can definitely find help for your songs here, but as far as getting organised to do full band customs, starting from a single instrument chart is really, REALLY, difficult. You need either one author who was just dying to do that song, was prepared to drums, vocals, bass, keys, animations, etc. but for some reason didn’t want to/couldn’t do guitar, or a number of people each doing something. And there’s always the issue of the “lowest common denominator”: you need someone to do vocals, which is fairly rare, and you need that guy to do your song.


    Any authoring work is great and you should chart as many songs as you love playing, but as far as full band customs go, it’s a very difficult task if you can’t do most of the instruments by yourself. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from posting something like “I want to do this song, anyone in for the missing instruments?”, mine is just a comment on how complex it is do a full band custom.

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