Reply To: May 3, 2012 – Queensrÿche’s “Promised Land” and GnR 4-pack


While we are kind of on the topic of the Community Spotlight, I did have one request/suggestion. When I was trying to find the info on those custom community songs (meaning what instruments and difficulties were charted and how difficult the song was) I had to go to a few different places to find that. If you guys made one of those awesome little card things for each Community Spotlight song you feature like you do for your releases that would give all the info anyone needed at a glance right there in your post. Since that definitely is one of the factors for me personally whether I get a song or not, it’s incredibly useful. The spreadsheet doesn’t show how hard each song is (the YouTube videos happened to have that info but will they always?) and YouTube may not always show the whether its full band and/or all difficulties or not. Even though I have been through that RB Customs spreadsheet many times and gotten what I think I will like, I am definitely interested in what you guys consider a “good” custom and will check out your recommendations. Thanks!

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