Reply To: Hop’s Customs


    Well, you handled the fade-out better than I handle them. Then again, I don’t handle them and chart as much of the fade-out as my ears allow.


    One thing I wanna point out is the first tambourine break. I usually prefer to leave a little more space between the last hit and the next word so the singer has time to get the mic to their mouth (and their thumb to the Back button). Mostly because I don’t think anyone wants another “Flathead.”


    Also, a proper count-in would be dandy.


    Everything with the “guitar” seems all honky-doory Expert and Hard, even though they’re the same chart. Then again, the song is so simple, there’s not much you can do about it. One alternate I can offer to the Medium difficulty’s ending riff would be Y

    >B->Y->R->Y->R->G. Nothing really wrong with it as it is, my suggestion just goes with my authoring style of green being the lowest note in a wrapped up sequence. For Easy, I’d move the opening riff to O—->B->O->Y.

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