Reply To: C3 CON Tools v4.0.0 [01/25/18]


    the images need to be in the exact format that the game requires, so yes, 64×64 png for the dashboard, and 256×256 24-bit (?) bitmap image….given some of the stuff that has been said before, let me be absolutely clear here.

    a bitmap image has a bmp extension…but not because it was a .png image, you went in, and changed the extension manually from .png to .bmp. that will cause problems. it needs to be a proper bmp, so if your image is in a different format, open it in Paint, Photoshop, or whatever other program you have, then SAVE AS .bmp. and use that.


    I don’t see another reason why the album art would be messed up in game. it works for me. it’s the same code that RB3Maker has used for years (the creator sent it to me to create this album art converter portion of the program).

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