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    What exactly does this mean? I just tried it but it’s not what I was thinking.


    when you convert from bmp to png_xbox, if it’s checked, it’ll delete the bmp images. leaving only the png_xbox images. same thing the other way around. or at least, that’s the intent. works fine on my end.



    The album art converter gives me an image with an extension “png_xbox”. However when I open an existing file and try to change the image (“Click to change the Package image”) it only allows me to choose a file with a plain “png” extension. So I’m not actually able to select files I made through the Album Art Converter. What am I doing wrong?


    as mentioned already, you’re trying to combine two completely different things. the album art converter is for the png_xbox files that are the album art in game. the png images you’re changing by clicking after opening the file, are the package and content images, which are only visible in the dashboard.


    So I gave it a go, and the dlc showed as corrupt in the Storage menu.

    sorry, my bad there. messed a line of code. fixed now.


    Now when I changed the song or album title or year, all I did was change that info

    in the songs.dta with notepad, saved it, then created a new package and it worked.


    Do I have to change anything in the songs.dta when I’m changing artwork?

    I figured all I’d have to do was swap the .png_xbox files when rebuilding.


    Now I also did see that for some reason, the extension “.png_xbox” was missing from

    the files, but they still were showing as such. When I would type the extension back in,

    it would show up in LeFluffie doubled, “.png_xbox.png_xbox”


    The extensions got dropped when I accidentally opened one with some HP media program

    and it must have got set as the file default because all the album art icons turn HP.

    I’ve since deleted it.


    Any thoughts?


    you are complicating things way too much. png_xbox files are not editable in windows as is, that’s precisely why you need a converter. if the file is “opening” in a HP program and the “extension disappeared” that means two things 1) you assigned that extension to that program and 2) you have “hide known extensions” checked in your Windows folder options. so when you didn’t see the extension, and you added it…you were actually adding png_xbox to the existing file.song_xbox extension, that’s why in LeFluffie it shows with the double extension! this is the same as adding .jpg to an image file and then saying it shows as .jpg.jpg…you should still be able to rename the file in lefluffie though.


    try the program now. signing problem should be fixed.

    I also fixed the drag-n-drop feature…now you can drag and drop a con/live file to the main form and it’ll open up for editing :-)


    please bear with me, I just taught myself C# and my entire time programming in this language has been the time spent on this project, so i’m still figuring things out. I want to make it work, so just give me feedback and i’ll try to fix things.

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