Reply To: Having a little problem


Thanks for the replies everyone.


The audio that you link in Magma will start playing immediately when the song starts — it doesn’t know that you left a gap in Reaper. You can drag the left edge of your audio file in Reaper and export it to a wav file, and then use that in Magma.


Might want to put some cymbal hits in there while you’re at it for lead-in.


I tried accounting for this at first by importing the WAV into audacity and generating 3 seconds of silence, but it seemed to be even more offset. I will have to go back and add the cymbal hits to set the tempo though. I forgot to do that >.<


The time signature is straight 4/4 since it’s a fairly simple song, so no problems due to time signatures.


I don’t have access to my xbox during the weekdays since it’s in a different town so I can’t check, but I think you’re right Espher. I went into Reaper just now and opened up the export MIDI dialog and “Embed tempo map” was unmarked. I’ll try again with the new MIDI on Friday and see how it goes. Thanks again.

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