Reply To: C3 CON Tools v4.0.0 [01/25/18]


So I gave it a go, and the dlc showed as corrupt in the Storage menu.


Now when I changed the song or album title or year, all I did was change that info

in the songs.dta with notepad, saved it, then created a new package and it worked.


Do I have to change anything in the songs.dta when I’m changing artwork?

I figured all I’d have to do was swap the .png_xbox files when rebuilding.


Now I also did see that for some reason, the extension “.png_xbox” was missing from

the files, but they still were showing as such. When I would type the extension back in,

it would show up in LeFluffie doubled, “.png_xbox.png_xbox”


The extensions got dropped when I accidentally opened one with some HP media program

and it must have got set as the file default because all the album art icons turn HP.

I’ve since deleted it.


Any thoughts?

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