Reply To: Having a little problem

The audio that you link in Magma will start playing immediately when the song starts — it doesn’t know that you left a gap in Reaper. You can drag the left edge of your audio file in Reaper and export it to a wav file, and then use that in Magma.


Might want to put some cymbal hits in there while you’re at it for lead-in.


This. Also, sometimes RARELY (and it’s happened to me), the midi can get messed up visually when altering Time Signatures from 4/4 to 5/4 and vice versa. It looks messed up and a gap jumps in Reaper, and if you set your audio up perfectly then, it will be off my at least a half-measure. Closing and re-opening Reaper and re-importing the midi will fix the “jump” in the mid and your audio can easily be re-synced.

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