Reply To: Changing Album Artwork

Use RB3maker and you can do 100 less mouse clicks.


I tried using this and I got the song_id error.

Do you have to do anything different before you try to open the dlc in RB3maker?

How do you change the song_id in the .dta? I edited and saved it with notepad,

but it won’t stay saved.


I’ve been able to successfully alter the artist, album, & year info of my official dlc

by opening it with LeFluffie, editing & saving the songs.dta file, and then building

a new package with LeFluffie again. That’s worked perfectly. This, not so much.


Is there another alternative to getting the .bmp artwork in the proper format?

Without RB3maker? I assume I’d be able to just paste in the new keep.png_xbox file

while creating the package in LeFluffie?


If there’s an alternative, I’d really appreciate getting pointed in the right direction.

It’s a small amount of tracks I want to update the artwork for and this has been

driving me bonkers.



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