Reply To: Losing scores, ratings, etc with customs


Ok. I moved my “online” song cache file to the online Zip drive. That drive now contains both the song cache and TU5. When I started RB3 using my online Xbox live account, it “loaded new downloaded content” for about 15 mins.


I then turned off the Xbox (just being thorough) and logged back in with my Xbox live account. I verified my song cache was only on the “online” zip drive. This time when I started RB3, no loading of new content. Took about a minute to find all my DLC. Happiness.


Then I turned off the Xbox again (yes, being overly cautious) and put in my customs Zip drive and loaded my offline account. When starting RB3 this time it still loaded the 102 customs I have on the Zip drive. My scores, ratings, and play counts were gone. As a test, I reviewed one song and then exited RB3 and immediately restarted the game. As expected, no loading of new songs and my ratings were saved.


Now the true test… I turned off Xbox a third time and put together my online configuration. Result: everything loaded perfectly, no waiting. Going back to offline configuration: everything loaded perfectly.


Moral of this overly lengthy discourse in Failure Mode Effects and Analysis: Put the song cache on the Zip drive, dummy.

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