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    Ok, if that’s a foolproof of way of catching someone before they start a project, fine. But creating a list of upcoming projects from everyone can still help recruit help for those projects with lower difficulties, venues, or an instrument chart. Especially when the people who want to help, are just as picky about the music they work on as those who create customs. It would speed up the process.


    If people are interested in authoring, or helping with reductions, or helping with charting, or helping with playtesting, they’re more than welcome to get in touch with us. If authors want help with any of these, they are more than welcome to reach out on our own. We’re all accessible and we are all interested in collaboration and help.


    I hate to sound like a dick, but opening up carte blanche and having people commit to tasks they’ll never finish (something all of us who were “behind” the formation of this collective have all dealt with) is going to kill momentum, delay progress, and hinder interest/hype. Personally, I’ve had to cancel about as many “contributions” as I’ve successfully released with RB:HP (the ones I actually got, of course, were all great). There’s no guarantee that the ones we get are going to be of quality, and if the authors (or testers) have to redo the work themselves, we’re just doubling up on the work again — except this time with a bunch of time pissed away waiting on someone else.


    I understand why you support a more open concept, but a) not everyone needs help with their projects, :cool: there’s no guarantee we’ll see a huge uptick in interest by tipping our hand anyway, and c) we’re ceding a lot of innate “advantages” for very little in the way of tangible return.


    As farottone said, we have reached out to authors who we feel are at a given quality plateau, we’ve had authors contact us when they feel confident they’re at that plateau, and frankly (most) people who have expressed an interest in helping (and done what we’ve asked of them) can and are doing so. These are people who are already aware of the project, of course, and I don’t really know how “another spreadsheet” is going to get a better response than posts on forums (here or elsewhere) and a strong social media presence.

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