Reply To: Newbie looking for an “authoring for dummies” manual


    Step 1) Prepare your workspace. Get Reaper installed, get the templates in place, get the track names/gem colours in place, and get your audio/folder structure in place.


    Step 2) Prepare your audio. In many cases, this is as simple as dropping the start of the song in your .mp3 (or other raw audio) on the start of a measure (3.1.1 is a good one). I recommend starting with a simple song to get a feel for it. Something in 4/4 time, with few tempo changes and easy patterns.


    Step 3) Look the documents over. Drums are, arguably, the easiest to author, so read those docs and try to follow along with the Creators documentation (it’s more reference material than a guide) and the sample song, and then look over the docs for other instruments as you go.


    Step 4) Map your tempo. Easier with stems, harder with MP3s. Tap-to-tempo or using the waveform are two options. Someone a little more versed in this topic can explain this better.


    Step 5) Pick a chart and start charting, checking your work as you go. A lot will come from trial and error. As mentioned before, drums are probably the best to start with, but work through all of your instrument charts. It will take a while for you to get a first draft of your custom together (unless you take a really easy to chart song and bang it out in an afternoon like I did), and then you’ll need to iterate and revise it several times before it’s ready to go.

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