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I apologize, I thought I was clear in my post. Maybe you missed it? Quoted below. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_cheeky.001.gif” />


It’s very much an issue of principal, of course. I don’t want to pirate the contents. I can’t stop other people from pirating them, but I’m sure as hell not going to be distributing them. For one, piracy as mentioned, and I know that sounds hypocritical, but I’m not pirating content that is for sale. For another, and this is one that was asked and placed in the old FAQ several times (before I took it out when we weren’t able to do keys the first time around) I don’t have time to go in and bring all these pre-RB3 charts up to RB3 standards to run through Magma. I’d have to re-do guitar/bass charts (at least temporarily) to get them to code. I’d have to clean up the vox charts. I’d have to redo the venue/event tracks. Blah blah blah. I certainly do not have the time or inclination to do it, even if I /did/ distribute “only” the new animation files.


If someone really wants to repackage their own LIVE files as “RB3 Version” CONs, they’re more than welcome to take the .mid file available to them in the release, merge it with the .mid from the existing LIVE file, fix them up to RB3 standards, and run them through Magma or whatever using dummy audio to get the animations or what have you, and build their own packages. Part of my reason for using the new, .mids-aren’t-in-CON-files distribution method was to give people raw access to the upgrades should they decide to do just this (one guy had been in PM contact with me pretty frequently on 360iso about doing this when this was a Harmonies-only affair, actually).


Unless we’re talking about completely different things, because after reading both of your posts a couple of times, I thought we were talking about the same things. Other authors are free to do whatever they’d like, of course, including making their own animation files or distributing full RB3 Version packages, but the latter certainly won’t be distributed through RB:HP. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_wink.gif” />


If you (or anyone else) wants to do them up, hey, by all means, the harmonies (and pro drums and keys) .mids and the necessary songs.dta files are in the current distro. The animations need to come from Magma, which means you’ve got to do the stuff mentioned in bold (I forgot to mention you also need to record dryvox for all the harmony parts) to get it up to code and get it to run through with all the charts.


I see where I got confused. My response/question/request was aimed at the entire forum, not you. I assume other authors not involved with the RBHP would read the thread and might be interested in my suggestion. I should have made a new thread I guess, but I thought it would be ok to wonder aloud about it in yours since it was a similar topic.


My original comments were meant for the forum at large and not meant to be direct requests to you, but more about asking how difficult it would be to implement and to gauge interest in the idea. I should have been clearer.

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