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It’s very much an issue of principal, of course. I don’t want to pirate the contents. I can’t stop other people from pirating them, but I’m sure as hell not going to be distributing them. For one, piracy as mentioned, and I know that sounds hypocritical, but I’m not pirating content that is for sale. For another, and this is one that was asked and placed in the old FAQ several times (before I took it out when we weren’t able to do keys the first time around) I don’t have time to go in and bring all these pre-RB3 charts up to RB3 standards to run through Magma. I’d have to re-do guitar/bass charts (at least temporarily) to get them to code. I’d have to clean up the vox charts. I’d have to redo the venue/event tracks. Blah blah blah. I certainly do not have the time or inclination to do it, even if I /did/ distribute “only” the new animation files.


If someone really wants to repackage their own LIVE files as “RB3 Version” CONs, they’re more than welcome to take the .mid file available to them in the release, merge it with the .mid from the existing LIVE file, fix them up to RB3 standards, and run them through Magma or whatever using dummy audio to get the animations or what have you, and build their own packages. Part of my reason for using the new, .mids-aren’t-in-CON-files distribution method was to give people raw access to the upgrades should they decide to do just this (one guy had been in PM contact with me pretty frequently on 360iso about doing this when this was a Harmonies-only affair, actually).


I apologize, I thought I was clear in my post. Maybe you missed it? Quoted below.


I understand part of the issue being that we want to make sure that people

buy the official dlc that’s still being offered and it’s wrong to create customs

of songs that would take money out HMXs pocket. Understood. I didn’t even

get into customs until the end of dlc was announced. I’m all for continuing

support for official dlc. I’ve bought way more than I care to admit.


That said, considering a lot of the forums dedicated to customs also have

tons of people posting official dlc files for anyone to grab, it feels like this

shouldn’t be an issue of principal, but if it’s worth the work.


Maybe there could be a version where if an author wanted to fully integrate

harmonies and keys into an older RB track, they could create the components,

distribute them and then it’s up to each person to extract their official dlc

with LeFluffie, add in the new bits, then repackage as a new con. That way,

only the people who already have the official dlc can update the tracks.


I wasn’t suggesting you pirate dlc. Quite the opposite. I meant it wouldn’t be an

issue of principal because in my suggestion, the original files wouldn’t be released.

It seems like it would only be an issue of interest in creating the new content and

finding the best way to merge it with the official dlc file on the users end.


Also, I figured since you mentioned this thread was also for other authors to see

what people were interested in, it wouldn’t hurt to bring it up. I understand that

you are not interested, but maybe other authors might be?


I love how simple you made it to zap in 200 some odd harmony upgrades to the

older songs. And I get that one big point of this project is to update the tracks

without having to pirate the official dlc and that you’ve made it so these upgrades

can be used with TU5 and online. It’s great that you figured out how to do it and

I’m truly glad for the RB players who like to play online.


But I’m not one of them. I never played RB3 online the whole time it’s been out.

Never will. Especially now, I’ve been tweaking my official dlc songs info for sorting

purposes and repackaging them as cons with LeFluffie. So the TU5 aspect of it

doesn’t really apply to me.


I think there’s a very small group of the older songs that fit the criteria of having

great harmonies, and great keys parts, from an iconic artist. I think those

songs would benefit greatly from those elements being added back in along with

all the animations and bells and whistles that are missing.


All that being the case, and with more and more people getting into charting,

I figured it would be worth throwing it out there to see if anyone would be

interested in digging into this idea. I didn’t intend to ruffle any feathers.


Thanks again for all your hard work. It’s truly appreciated.

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