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I finally got the RBHP loaded on my box. Thanks for all your hard work!


Throwing in a vote for keys getting added to The Cars album

& Harmonies & Keys added to Bob Marley & The Wailers – Legend


[Keys are still dependent on someone else getting them, but Legend is done as of 09/09/14!]


Also, I don’t know if it’s possible, but for some of the more popular tracks

that have both prominent harmonies AND keys is there anyway to add on

new animations or whatever else is missing from tracks updated this way.


I understand part of the issue being that we want to make sure that people

buy the official dlc that’s still being offered and it’s wrong to create customs

of songs that would take money out HMXs pocket. Understood. I didn’t even

get into customs until the end of dlc was announced. I’m all for continuing

support for official dlc. I’ve bought way more than I care to admit.



That said, considering a lot of the forums dedicated to customs also have

tons of people posting official dlc files for anyone to grab, it feels like this

shouldn’t be an issue of principal, but if it’s worth the work.


Maybe there could be a version where if an author wanted to fully integrate

harmonies and keys into an older RB track, they could create the components,

distribute them and then it’s up to each person to extract their official dlc

with LeFluffie, add in the new bits, then repackage as a new con. That way,

only the people who already have the official dlc can update the tracks.



Again, this would be for a handful of older tracks/packs that have big harmonies

and keys that would benefit from the whole polished customs process and slick

animations. IMO, the two I mentioned above are prime candidates.


I think also the Fleetwood Mac, NIN, Grateful Dead, Boston, The Who, Devo,

No Doubt, Rush, Styx, Spinal Tap, Gorillaz, Talking Heads, Freezepop, Green Day,

Creedence, & T.Rex tracks could benefit greatly from this.



Anyone else think this is worth considering? Is it too much of a hassle?

After seeing some of the customs animations floating around, I think this

would another great addition to some of the older RB tracks in the library.


After getting all these amazing customs to work and following along various

forums the last few weeks I’d like to contribute in some way, but I’m not

sure what I can bring to the table. I’d be happy to help in any way within

my means and skills, but I think I should save that for another thread.


Sorry for the tl;dr wall of text.

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