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    To me it looks solid. There are issues, but nothing that can’t be fixed with not that much work…


      [*]Like I said, vocals are the part I’m least confident in. There’s also a part at the end where he’s overlapping vocals but I charted it the way I think most people sing it (the ohhhhhh do do do do ohhhhh part).


    Yeah, vocals need some polishing. Here’s the issues I’ve found:

    1) Hyphenation is not perfect. Not a huge issue but I would suggest using an online hyphenator for good measure (

    2) Harmonies are obviously missing. Those need to be added. That also takes care of the part you pointed out.

    3) There’s a good amount of slides missing. Ironically, I think I may have seen a couple too many but a good amount missing. “Day” in Wednes- day (ascending) and “my” in break my heart (descending) at 23.1 and 31.1 ar good examples.

    4) Syllable placement is hit and miss. On that, Nyx and espher can be more heplful but I can tell you right away that you’re authoring long consonant sounds (an example is “care” @ 42.2). In that specific instance, and in others, the note starts even before when it should AND it’s a consonant sound which should not be charted (cause it’s not picked up as it should by the game).

    5) Notes length can be improved: right now some notes are a bit too long, some are a bit short.


    If you want I can work on the issues you would struggle with to help you.


    [*]There are two overlapping guitars playing so I charted it with the most prominent/interesting one, for the most part, and I think it’s pretty clear.


    I haven’t looked that well at guitar but you’re not leaving the required 16th of a note space between the end of a sustain and the following note, which makes the fretboard a bit messy.


    [*]There are a couple places in the middle (around 68.4) where the rhythm gets a little strange where I wasn’t sure if the drummer skips a hithat or not. I charted it with the hihat there.



    Solid chart. You’re copy/pasting too much though: you’re missing a fair amount of crash notes and I think some open hi hat notes are not there, even though you authored them. Personally I would have done the tambourine section in the middle as a steady 16th notes beat with two hands on the hi hat to accentuate the change of rhythm but that’s a matter of taste.


    Also, you’re missing keys, but you already know that.


    Didn’t have time to look at bass and guitar but it looks a solid custom to me. I’ve made a lot of observations on vocals but it’s probably the most difficult thing to master, your chart is actually better than most of the charts you see out there from people who are still working on their skills.

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