Reply To: Evilcornbread’s customs


Okay here’s the link. It’s on my own webhosting so please don’t distribute the url. Includes a con, rpp, and wav file.


Some notes:

  • Like I said, vocals are the part I’m least confident in. There’s also a part at the end where he’s overlapping vocals but I charted it the way I think most people sing it (the ohhhhhh do do do do ohhhhh part).
  • There are two overlapping guitars playing so I charted it with the most prominent/interesting one, for the most part, and I think it’s pretty clear. The only exception is right at the end of the solo where there’s a long held note from the solo guitar while the other roving-up-and-down guitar is pretty audible, but I thought that ending the solo with the held note was more important than diving into the other guitar. Still not sure about that decision though.
  • There are a couple places in the middle (around 68.4) where the rhythm gets a little strange where I wasn’t sure if the drummer skips a hithat or not. I charted it with the hihat there.
  • I did a lipsync dryvox of me just speaking the lyrics but it doesn’t look all that well lipsynced to me. Maybe there’s more of a technique to it?
  • There’s no real venue or events work yet.
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