Reply To: Tempo maps for single-track songs?


Maybe I’m not in a position to offer advice as I’m still working on my first song but here’s what I did and it was pretty painless. Since the song I’m working on has a constant tempo, I placed the recording of the song into reaper, used the drum beat to highlight one full measure as accurately as possible using the waveform and pressed Q. I had estimated the tempo to be 144 BPM, reaper spit out 139.XXXXX (some decimal number). I set that as the tempo for the whole song and sure enough it’s spot on. Be sure to set the metronome so that reaper knows what time signature it’s counting.


I can see how it would be annoying if you’re dealing with a bunch of abnormal time signatures and tempos though.


Anyway, that’s just how I did it, not sure how most do it. Just putting it out there because it worked great for me.

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