Reply To: RyanHYK’s Customs (Updated: 09/14)

    Hello and welcome. Just wanted to let you know that I would pitch in should you decide to do an ABBA or a Huey Lewis pack (Hip to be square, Small world, Perfect world and Back in time could be good candidates, in examnple).


    I kinda take things one at a time without future thought of making packs. But seeing as Huey Lewis is really popular in Rock Band circles and ABBA is one of the best selling groups ever, I can see wanting to release multiple songs by them at once.


    I would chart “Dancing Queen” vocals in a heartbeat.


    Personally, the reason I did “Money, Money, Money” was because I could easily identify each of the instruments by ear. “Dancing Queen” probably isn’t gonna happen for me. If I were to do another ABBA song, the most likely candidates would be either “Mamma Mia” or “Does Your Mother Know.”

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