Reply To: Enhanced Request Mechanism


    Harmonix had a reason to filter or to channel requests: they wanted to see community’s interest on artists and songs so that they could work on stuff people would want to buy. We do things different: we do songs we love, not songs that need to net us a profit. And it’s gonna be really rare that an author wants to devote a week end (more or less) of his time to do a song he doesn’t know or love. However, requests are fun: sharing a passion about something is good and you may never know, someone can actually see something that interests him enough to pitch in. But still, requests serve 3 purposes:

    1) They let us give you some hint of what’s coming (see the prog thread, in example)

    2) They guide our scheduling a bit: if we have a song in the pipeline that’s been requested, we may focus testing on that one to have it out earlier

    3) Something we used to love but forgot about may spark a renewed interest and make us work on it


    So, I say: keep ’em coming, no points system or anything. Just, pretty pretty please, don’t expect too much because authoring a single song is a time consuming process and it’s very stressing, so it’s more a matter of finding out if something you like is being worked on or of influencing our schedule rather than a matter of having what you like done.

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