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First off, Zeppelin, Floyd and Radiohead in consecutive weeks is exactly what rockband needed!

So who am I to request anything, but it is a great thread and I love the lists of songs. Maybe some of these will spark some interest/memories. Instead of alt 80s, I’ll go with some great hair bands (mostly 80s) -before Nirvana ended it all <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_smile.gif” />


Journey/Separate Ways (83′ Its seems like the game is lacking some Journey)

Tesla/Little Suzi (87′ First studio single)

Scorpions/Still Loving You – (84′ a little long but an epic power ballad)

Badlands/Winter’s Call – (89′ My favorite OZZY guitar player ever! Jake E Lee’s other band)

Winger/Headed for a Heartbreak – (89′ Kip Winger may be the biggest poser ever…but I admit to liking this song)

Blue Murder/Jelly Roll – (89′ one hit wonder, john sykes solo project, ex whitesnake guitarist)

Dangerous Toys/Scared – (89′ Little known song, was number #1 on Headbangers ball for about 15 minutes)

Steelheart/I’ll Never Let You Go – (91′ Red devil vocal range)

Dokken/Alone Again – (85′ Another power ballad, George Lynch underrated guitarist)

Warrant/Uncle Tom’s Cabin – (91′ still a very cool song)

Skid Row/Quicksand jesus – (91′ May be their best ever, imo.)

Kingdom Come/What Love Can Be – (88′ Obscure, and a rip off of Zeppelin, but who’s better to rip off!)


fyi…rateyourmusic dot com is a pretty cool site for music info (and no I don’t work for the site)

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