Reply To: Enhanced Request Mechanism

I kind of like being able to make your case for the inclusion of something. Besides, the last thing the authors need is someone feeling like they’re entitled to the entire Muse discography because they registered enough accounts to make it number one. They’re doing this because they enjoy the music, not because there’s a business case for it.


2nd this.

They already have so much lined up, I bet they wouldn’t be getting to any of these anytime soon.

Barring a random request or two that jumps out at them or a no-brainer that they didn’t think of.


Plus, a point system like that implies some sort of obligation on their part to do the songs and they don’t.

A ton of +1s in a request thread aren’t going to mean much if none of the authors like the song being requested.


I think the fact they put up a Request forum at all means they may actually want to hear from each person.

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