Reply To: Requests


I can’t see any topic where anyone here would be justified in bitching about their guess

at the hint not matching the actual songs.


I seriously dare somebody to be the first to bitch about a song showing up that they don’t like

or that they’re favorite band/track isn’t released, but this one is? With the situation as it is now?

That person would be laid bare to all as a complete joke.


Any problem you have with a song choices should be swallowed before it passes your lips.

Any song in the world is yours and to your standards. Learn the programs. Chart the song.

Don’t bitch. Ever. You will be feasted on.


Anyway, I wouldn’t worry about backlash from incorrectly guessed hints at DLC

and I think it’d be a fun element to add back in.


Keep on being awesome. Looking forward to Friday.

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