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    btw how would you guys feel about doing the mod hints?


    “So, next week it’s gonna be something tied to a colour”


    Minute 1: “ZOMG Pink Floyd”

    Minute 10: “Holy sh*t, they’re doing Dark Side of the Moon multitrack!!!111”

    Minute 30: “It’s Pink Floyd’s complete discography!!!”

    Hour 2: “Did I miss the hint? Is there a hint for next week?”

    Hour 2, minute 1: “Yes, they’ve confirmed it’s Pink Floyd’s complete discography, dude”

    Day of release: “So, guys, here it is, Black Sabbath 3-pack with the original versions of the songs appeared in Rock Band painstakingly redone and super refined!”

    Day of release, Minute 1: “Ah. Meh, really had my mind set on the Pink Floyd’s discography”

    Day of release, Minute 3: “What? We were PROMISED Pink Floyd and we get 3 songs we basically already have? Travesty!”



    Hints and such would need to be SO carefully thought out because the minute we get a “meh, disappointing” string of comments it’s probably/possibly the minute we go back to doing exactly what we do now but without the hassle of releasing it to the public. <img decoding=” src=”/wp-content/uploads/invision_emoticons/default_SA_wink.gif”> But hey, we’re a collective for a reason, maybe my mates have a different view on this. Hints are certainly fun, just a possible recipe for disaster, IMO.

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