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    Now from what I understand is that you were telling me to add in some more pitch bends that I missed, and that they should be charted using 1/64 instead of 1/16.


    Not exactly – EVERYTHING should be charted using 1/64. Quick vocal rules of thumb:

    – No syllable should be less than 2/64 long

    – Don’t bother with a slide if it’s just a semitone difference, and the start is less than 150 ms

    – For slides: the gap between the notes should be at least 2/64 for a semitone, and probably at least 3/64 for bigger slide intervals


    I don’t point out differences that are less than 2/64 – that’s close enough. So here’s my feedback for the first bit. The major points:

    – Syllable timing needs to be accurate to 1/64, not 1/16

    – Remember to chop off consonants like “s”, “f”, etc.

    – This is a very slidy song – “I’ve been sleep– ing here” needs more slides.


    M12.2.18: I’ve: start 3/64 later, 3/64 long

    M12.3.62: ing: move 2/64 later

    M12.4.68: do(E) +(D)

    M13.1.37: it: move 2/64 sooner, 3/64 long

    M15.1.50: ly(E) +(G)

    M16.2.25: I’ve(E)

    M16.2.43: been: move 1/64 sooner, 3/64 long

    M16.3.00: sleep-(G) +(E)

    M16.4.50: here(E) +(D)

    M17.1.62: in-: move 1/64 sooner, 3/64 long

    M17.2.50: stead: start 2/64 later, end 17.3.18

    M18.2.00: I’ve(G)

    M18.2.58: been(Bb): move 2/64 sooner, 3/64 long

    M18.3.81: ing: start 2/64 sooner

    M18.4.81: in: end 3/64 sooner

    M19.1.18: my(E) +(G)

    M20.3.73: sleep-: end 4/64 later

    M20.4.62: ing: end 3/64 later

    M20.4.62: in: start 2/64 later

    M21.1.68: my: start 3/64 later, 2/64 long

    M21.3.50: bed: 4/64 longer, move + 2/64 later

    M26.2.00: So(E) +(G)

    M26.3.00: show(G) +(E)

    M26.3.87: me: move 2/64 sooner, 3/64 long

    M26.4.37: fam-(E) +(D): move 2/64 sooner, end at 27.1.25

    M27.1.37: i-: move 2/64 sooner

    M27.3.31: ly: end 5/64 later

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