Reply To: USB file limit?

Thanks for all your responses. I just moved all the songs from the flash drive to the hard drive. Then I copied the rest of the songs that were left on my pc to the flash drive. If I get around to 256 songs on the flash drive again, I’ll move those to the hard drive also.


So just to confirm i copy all files from memory stick to xbox 360 HDD? Sorry bit of noobie when it comes to the technical side. I have just brought a new xbox 360 slim. I plan to use my older xbox, which has a 250GB HDD for custom’s and Rock Band only. Also i have a RB2 export code which i want to use, will this affect any of the custom’s in any way?


If you don’t plan on taking the game online ever, it’s pretty convenient.

I only use the usb stick for TU4 and to transfer new songs in.

I always double check them first on the stick to see if they ‘ll show up,

then again after I’ve moved them to the HD. So far, so good.

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