Reply To: April 19, 2013 – Led Zeppelin 6-pack, “Stairway”, Singles


First of all, thanks for the great pack — been looking forward to Zeppelin for quite a while.


Though I wonder if the drums/tempo mapping are off on Stairway to Heaven. If play along with the audio of the drums (which feels a little bit “in the pocket” or slightly behind the beat, I end up missing a ton of notes. If I force myself to play a little bit ahead of the drum audio, I stop missing notes.


This is all in really simple parts of the song, so it’s definitely not a complexity issue. Just feels like the drum timing is off a quarter-beat (basically right on the edge of the window that Harmonix allows for hitting a note).


None of the other Zeppelin songs have this problem that I’ve noticed. Can’t speak to the other instruments; I haven’t tried them.

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