Reply To: Release Day Videos

    I made a mention of doing some videos for release day song videos (full chart of guitar, bass, keys, and/or drums) but I don’t have a HD-streaming device. In the past, I’ve pointed my 720p video camera at the screen and played, usually while reviewing the song or just talking in general in the background.


    Most people don’t like that method but I wanted to at least give the opportunity to see some charts for anyone who is interested. Either way, I’ll probably make videos of songs I like playing and have them on YouTube anyway!


    :edit: the videos are 720p


    the problem is that people want to see the chart and hear the original audio, not the clacking of instruments. i’ve tried this in the past and the drumming specially drowns the original audio. it would be more work than it would benefit anyone. just enjoy the songs instead :dance:

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