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I’m still newish to all this, but I didn’t know if anyone had redone past songs with both prominent keys and harmonies by extracting the existing song data from the game and merging it with newly created harmonies and keys parts to create a new custom, or if that’s even possible. I assume the majority of the back songs don’t have big keys parts anyway, so it’d be a small number.


We don’t release custom versions of songs Harmonix has up for sale. We actually could have more than a few proper multitrack versions with keys of songs Harmonix has done in the past (Moving Pictures and the Boston pack are prime examples) but as things stand, we are not gonna do that. This all works if our songs are an addition, and not an alternative, to what people can buy from Harmonix. Maybe one day, should Harmonix stop selling older songs or if something changes…


Like I said, I was just wondering aloud, but that’s a very good reason to not do it.

Also, mine was more of a question if it was possible and how much of a hassle.


If it were something that could be managed by each individual user with the tools available,

maybe there’s a scenario where the keys, harmony parts, & animations are in the file that is

distributed and it’s then on each individual to use whatever program they want to merge that

file with their official dlc file to create the updated track.


If I understand correctly, that’s kinda sorta how the Harmonies Project works anyway, it’s a file that adds

on to existing official HMX dlc to put in harmonies and keys. This would just be a more permanent packaged file.

It would still only be an addition to the song, and you would still need to own the official HMX track to use it.


For the vast majority which are just adding harmonies to the tracks, clearly the RBHP is the way to go and since there’s not too many pre-RB3 songs that have both amazing/prominent keys and harmonies, or just keys parts,

I thought this might be worth asking about.

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