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    I fixed up what I could for the pro guitar/bass charts. I tested my changes and I say they look great in-game. Noted are somewhat detailed changes I made to the charts. I used Magma to help me see what needed fixing. Pro bass was pretty solid aside from missing notes in a couple of overdrive phrases.


    The final midi almost passes Magma except for one note on the pro bass track at 48.1.00. It’s a ‘0’ fretted note on the 2nd string (B in standard tuning). Apparently Magma restricts pro bass gameplay to 4-strings. If you wanted to, you could adjust the note to be played on fret 4 of the 3rd string but in this song, it might play a little awkward if you did that.





    Removed unnecessary text events from PART REAL_GUITAR and PART REAL_BASS tracks.

    Copied overdrive phrases from PART BASS to PART REAL_BASS.

    Added notation of root notes for chords so RB3 will generate correct names.

    Added markers for left hand position where played area of fretboard changes.

    Added missing notes to overdrive sections on easy difficulties for both PART REAL_GUITAR and PART REAL_BASS.



    14.1.00 Removed higher notes of the two EMaj chords to match 5-button.

    15.1.00 Removed AMaj chord to match 5-button.

    19.1.00 Removed lowest string (E) of AMaj chord to match previous used at measure 17.

    31.1.00 (Same as 19.1.00)

    34.1.00-42.1.00 Removed ghost note notation in chords to match same pattern played later in song.

    38.2.00-39.4.50 Removed lowest string (E) of B7 chords to match same chord previously played.


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