Reply To: The Cars – Request Thread

I don’t believe we plan on re-issuing any Harmonix-issued content, even in RB3 Versions, as a general rule.


This is part of the reason why we ended up deciding to remove TB:RB conversions from the scope of our project.


I’m still newish to all this, but I didn’t know if anyone had redone past songs with both prominent keys and harmonies by extracting the existing song data from the game and merging it with newly created harmonies and keys parts to create a new custom, or if that’s even possible. I assume the majority of the back songs don’t have big keys parts anyway, so it’d be a small number.


But a few standouts, like The Cars, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Boston, Grateful Dead, & Queen, that have both keys and harmonies featured, I thought might benefit from being redone. Especially if all you had to create were the keys and harmony parts and slap them together with the original song. Also, going online with these isn’t a selling point for me since I never played online anyway, so for those I’d be fine without it.

But I think it’s awesome that you guys figured out how to do that for people who want it.


I going to try to load up the whole RBHP into my Xbox tonight without screwing it up.

Looking forward to trying out the new harmonies on past songs and the keys on Final Countdown.

Amazing work.

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