Reply To: drummerockband’s customs (Updated May 22nd)

The ones on my yt video are almost full band, I need to add gtr on one and keys on another. The others, such as the U2 ones are. And the ones I’m working on will be as well.


Interesting things are popping up like mushrooms but I wouldn’t mind doing a U2 pack. Let’s see those files (can you post Reaper projects with dependencies?) so we can understand how we could move forward.


Here is I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For


I made this chart a while back, so from what I can now tell is that the bass (at least) is undercharted, so you will need to add in a few extra notes here and there. And this was before I was familiar with harmonies, so they aren’t there as well. But you get to see what I’ve done anyway. Do with it as you please. You can finish it up and post it for a later date or whatever you need to do if you want.


I’m having trouble finding what computer I had Sunday Bloody Sunday on so I’ll get back to you on that.

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