Reply To: Hop’s Customs

    I don’t know if anyone figured out a way to successfully hex edit them together…


    In that case, bugger. I’ll probably just do Pt. 1, it’s what everyone knows anyway.


    I also did a lot of midi hunting, and put a bunch of picks in the first post. Not officially claiming them until I give what I found a better look, but just in case any of those are already in the works…


    Also. Surely someone has done some of these They Might Be Giants songs, right? ‘Cause if not here’s three mega-packs worth…


    Boss of Me

    Pet Name


    Working Undercover for the Man

    It’s Not My Birthday

    Snail Shell

    I Palindrome I

    I Can Hear You

    They’ll Need a Crane

    Ana Ng

    I Should Be Allowed to Think

    Nothing’s Gonna Change My Clothes


    32 Footsteps

    Istanbul (Not Constantinople)

    The Statue Got Me High

    Minimum Wage

    AKA Driver

    They Got Lost

    James K. Polk

    Hey Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal


    Certain People I Could Name

    She’s an Angel

    Museum of Idiots



    Boat of Car

    We’re the Replacements

    Birdhouse in Your Soul

    New York City


    Where Your Eyes Don’t Go

    The Guitar


    Exquisite Dead Guy

    Doctor Worm

    Maybe I Know

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